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  • PMPLE 2021 has Started
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  • Giveaway for best 2021 gameplays
  • Youtube new channel is live!

the most powerful eSport Organizer in Ethiopia.

Geez eSport has taken it to the next level with our online platform. Create teams/Clans manage applications challenge other players.

Start a discussion on our forums. Host a Tournament Geez eSport has it all


Create awesome profiles for your clan/team, full customizable and giving you the chance to embed content like YouTube. Geez eSport gives you unlimited possibilities!

create communities

Geez eSport gives you the power to be able to create communities for every game. where users can create and manage teams, matches and tournaments.

news and blogs

Geez eSport News and reviews will give you all the updates from the world of eSports, Games and tournaments. Via our news and blogs.


Got a game or a project and attention, investment, Help ? Geez eSport has got you covered you can contact us for outreach Create your portfolio today with Geez eSports reach we can help!

Quick Start - Amazing Pages

Powered by Elementor, with Arcane you will be able to create awesome looking pages for whatever your needs are. You can check all our pages directly from the menu, but we handpicked the most relevant ones for you.

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Fantastic Features

One Click is all it takes

Clan Leaders / eSport Organizers / Content Creators / Pro Players Register now and set up your page meet people and get noticed, with just 1 Click thanks to Geez eSport

Create Pages with Live Links and Logos

Geez eSport is allowing you to place your Clan Logos eSport Logos or anything you want and even get people to join by linking your YouTube website or other online targets

Custom Team Pages

Promote and showcase what's going on in your team in their beautifully designed profile! GET NEW MEMBERS AND HANDLE SIGNUPS

Custom User Pages

Better looking than ever, users have custom designed pages, no more begging to be noticed Geez eSport has worked for 1 year so you dont have to break your back to get seen.

Fully Customizable

From banners to background images, Geez eSport gives you the power to create a completely unique looking page to stand out.

Create Tournaments

With more than 4 tournaments types to choose from, Geez eSport gives you and your users the ability to create tournaments and let the GeezGamers Platform handle the stress

Geez eSports Traffic

Geez eSport is taking off online we can get the traffic and you can ride our wave. We get the views you do you.

Translations Coming Soon

Geez eSport Plans to expand this platform and make all African Languages available soon.

Geez Partnered Streams

Got a tournament you need put out there, we hare here to grow and take the team players with us to the top. if you want us to stream your tournament hit us up through the contact forum


We GOT MERCH. All our Diaspora Homies Buying Geez Merch keeps us alive and surprising you with more so check it out

Team Matches

  • Create teams
  • Fight Matches
  • Record Scores
  • Management
  • Fully integrated
  • Show your stuff

Custom Profiles

  • Add Friends copy in – game IDS easily 
  • Custom GAMER Homepage
  • Extensive Settings
  • Forums and Topics
  • Friends & Teams

Easily create all a gamer could ever need

  • Create teams
  • Fight Matches
  • Record Scores
  • Management
  • Fully integrated
  • Forums

What are you waiting for?

Get access to Geez eSport now and do your part in putting African eSports on the map

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