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author image by JayP | 0 Comments | November 27, 2021

Geez eSport Ethiopias Number 1 eSport Organization Launches a game changing platform

Geez eSport is that Organizer you love to hate but its just because we are that good.

When Geez eSport set out on the quest to put Ethiopian gamers and by extension Gamers from the horn of Africa on the map there were those who laughed, those who cried and those who tried to tell us how its done, Geez eSport as a leader in the industry doesnt look back now do we let the back markers tell us how its done. we do and let the rest follow.

The African in us!

“It Takes a whole village to raise a child”

African Proverb

Here we are once again ahead of the pack bringing new, exciting, developments to the Ethiopian eSport sector, and the African in us is giving! with this new platform you can get noticed make your own tournaments get attention as a pro gamer and much more how about a thank you Geez eSport you rock ! even our competition can now use our platform for tournament sign-up

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